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Pinterest, banner networks
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SenSeo – full cycle Digital Agency. We can just make a great site, but we offer much more:


Online stores
B2B portals
Corporate sites
Business sites
Landing pages
Portfolio / Catalogs


Digital Strategy Development
AdWords contextual advertising
Social networks advertising
Display and video ads
Facebook / Instagram / YouTube
Google My Business
Content marketing


Google Analytics / Yandex.Metrica
Project Redesign / Usability
Reverse engineering
Niche and competitor analysis
Webvisor - behavior analytics
Campaign Analytics


Website hosting
Work with content
Emergency help
Download acceleration
Spam protection
Technical support


Google Merchant Center
Your products on Amazon
Best Buy / Walmart/ eBay
Niche Marketplaces
Etsy / Bonanza / Cratejoy
Houzz / Jet / Newegg etc.
Thematic Forums


Web sites
Social networks
Corporate style
Business cards / Flyers / Booklets


Website optimization
Semantic core
Competitor analysis
SEO promotion
Google Search Console


Cold calls
Lead generation
Application Processing
Customer consultation
Closing deals
Social Networking
CRM systems


Delivery services
SMS Newsletter / Email Newsletter
Payment systems
Communication Services / Messengers
1C: Enterprise
CRM / Bitrix-24




Optimal solutions for E-commerce with savings of 33%

- 33%
MASTEROnline store$1100 ̶$̶1̶6̶5̶0̶

3 top designs to choose from + 3 logos

SEO + content package 

full online store functionality

map localization

setup email and hosting

SSL certificate

services integration

development recommendations

technical support 14 days

- 34%
GURUMASTER + marketing + services$1700 ̶$̶2̶6̶0̶0̶


6 top designs to choose from + 6 logos

advanced SEO + AdWords context

+ Google My Business setup + 360° photo + Google products

advanced functionality + Blog

+ 6 PRO services + CRON tasks

+ 3 languages + login through social networks 

+ enhanced content package 

+ international access

+ naming + Google Webmaster

+ video recording of customer behavior

+ development plan + 5 goals in Analytics

+ 1 month technical support

- 40%


10 top designs + 10 logo + printing

+ 5 languages + full content package

+ Connect, configure and maintain social networks:

✓ Facebook ✓ Instagram ✓ YouTube

+ Launch of advertising campaigns:

✓ AdWords context and banners

✓ YouTube videos ✓ Teaser networks

maximal functional + B2B portal

+ Conclusion to marketplaces:

✓ Amazon ✓ Ebay ✓ Google Merchant etc.

+ consulting services complex

+ transfer of business processes to CRM

+ Digital development strategy

+ 3 months tech support

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We will take care of the rest!


Any business format will successfully start working online!

- 30%

3 top designs to choose from + 3 logos

SEO complex + naming

customer behavior records

setting up Google My Business

1 banner HD

email and hosting setup

SSL certificate

services integration

Google Webmaster + Analytics

development plan

14 days technical support

- 30%
CORPORATE WEBSITE / PORTFOLIOIntroducing your services or company$700 ̶$̶1̶0̶0̶0̶

3 top designs to choose + 3 logos

up to 6 pages + naming

portfolio creation

SEO complex + SSL certificate

customer behavior recording

setting up Google My Business

2 HD design banners

email and hosting setup

services integration

Google Webmaster + Analytics

development plan

20 days of tech support

- 30%
ONLINE-BOUTIQUE / CATALOGBrand and collections presentation with selling function$900 ̶$̶1̶3̶0̶0̶

3 top designs to choose + 3 logos

up to 20 pages + naming

complete catalogue and shopping cart

SEO complex + 2 design. banner

video recording of customer behavior

Google My Business setup

starter content pack 

email and hosting setup 

services integration

SSL certificate and security

Google Webmaster + Analytics

development strategy

20 days of tech support

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That develops your business, doing more than you expect

Viktor Kravets Managing partner

Anton Semenchuk Managing Partner, Digital Marketer

DARIA SHEVCHUK Content-manager



ANDREY MELNIK Marketer assistant

«Business is going to change more in the next ten years than it has in the last fifty»

Bill Gates – “Business @ the Speed of Thought”

Digital Agency SENSEO + your business ➔ online leadership ✔

With our experience in creating websites and working with online business promotion channels, digital development strategy, meticulous work and calculated reasonable budget – your business will rise to the top of Internet commerce, your brand will be the market leader.

“If we start making airplanes – there will be no air crashes in the world!”

You need a profit, not just a website! We know how to do it, the business addresses us

Digital Agency SENSEO provides a full range of services: we do not just create websites and promote online stores, landing pages or corporate websites, we sell your products and services, develop and fully service your business online. We develop a digital strategy even before the creation of the site. First of all we exploring your niche, analyzing your internal processes, discussing with owners and managers of all aspects and specifics of the business, market analysis, customers and competition.

The goal of almost any business is revenue, resulting in profit. The Internet is a global market, increasing turnover by several times. Good web studios are few, but even a good web studio can not give you this. Good web studios make beautiful, functional sites, no more. In SENSEO we create sites of any complexity, and for clients who want to multiply their business – we provide a full range of services for doing business on the Internet, removing the management load, outsource all business processes: from strategy, content and marketing to maintaining a client base and organizing the sales process.

Who do we work with? And how do we do it

We have 12 years of experience, working on a variety of commercial projects. We comprehensively promote and develop corporate sites to manufacturers, create online stores for online businesses. We help retail and service businesses enter the online market. Through the Internet it’s possible to PR real business, brand and promote services in a separate city or even a district. As an example an ordinary shop or beauty salon. Today, bigboards and city-lights, advertising on local TV and radio is much more expensive and less effective than digital resources, which we will gladly apply to your business. Competent analysis, understanding which tools are worth using for your business – will give good results and save your marketing budget. We always minimize budgets by maximizing results. We create a Digital strategy with a goal to deliver the right clear message to your potential client. We take care of your business as our own, because with the growth of your performance we will always have satisfied customers, good feedback and long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

Closer to reality, here are Examples and Cases

Furniture manufacturer, Bent ➔ Online-boutique

For this company we have developed everything from the brand name to a stable inflow of customers from a number of online channels. We have developed a website boutique and took control of the whole process of website and brand promotion. Furniture is not the most conversion product for the Internet, but Bent gets the lion’s share by ordering it through an online store. Retail is also not left without attention, Bent furniture is successfully sold through online branding and promotion channels. Imagine that you own a cafe and just try to find or buy Vienna chairs online and you will see the result of our work. The complex consisted of context advertising AdWords, promotion with banner advertising, placement on Marketplaces.

Reseller of world brands of network equipment Gigahertz ➔ Online shop

Our naming, selection of the domain Ghz.com.ua and development of the logo – is also our job, as well as everything you see when you open the store site. Creating a blog and search for professional authors in the subject, too, by the way, our work. After the development of an online store, were chosen the main directions of site promotion, which is not the first year to create a daily flow of orders, and more precisely, after careful analysis, it was decided to launch a complex consisting of internal SEO-optimization and promotion of the site through a unique content (the goal – low and medium frequency requests), external SEO optimization of individual product items and output in the TOP (just enter the search query “Google wifi” in Google and you will understand what we are talking about), contextual AdWords advertising, banner ads, video ads on YouTube, promotion through Marketplaces.

It should be noted that all online sales on this project is closed by our sales department, Gigahertz provides us with technical support in consultation with customers and carries out the shipment of goods to the addresses specified, all the rest is done by our team.

Noble Shine - manufacturer of wedding, evening and children's dresses ➔ Online-boutique

Everything that connects this project with the Internet is done in SENSEO, starting with the logo and website creation, ending with advertising campaigns on the international market. We cannot disclose details, a wide range of tools and channels are used. We can confidently say that we successfully sell dresses on the Internet.

Cosmetology studio L I Z A cosmetology ➔ Instagram

Having worked out and discussed all the specifics of the business, based on the available budgets, market peculiarities – the strategy of promotion through Instagram and through tools to promote the real point at the local level was chosen. SenSeo-masters developed Instagram page style, content plan, formed detailed recommendations and developed business promotion strategy. They launched smart multi-level advertising campaigns. We can’t tell everything in detail, because we don’t disclose the secrets of our clients’ success. But as a result four sales channels were used, which brought L I Z A cosmetology to the leading position in the city, ensuring several times growth in just a couple of months. We plan to launch additional branding tools at the local level, as well as developing a business card website with an online record function, SEO website promotion and content marketing.

CRAZE Clothing Reseller ➔ Online shop

Our merits: creation of Internet shop, corporate identity development, naming, SEO-optimization, contextual advertising AdWords, banner advertising, video advertising on YouTube, promotion through Marketplaces. Social networks have a huge potential, but the customer consciously does not yet activate this direction, despite our recommendations. The reason: lack of quality content and willingness to invest in it. Apparently, the sales channels adjusted by us, besides SMM, quite load CRAZE sales department.

Manufacturer and supplier of exotic plants Floret ➔ Online shop

Here is the full complex: all the tools described above in other projects are involved. The product is little known to the market, we had to create demand from scratch. The result was synergy and excellent results, creating a new successful brand – the leader in the segment of predatory plants. In this project, the customer performed some functions independently under our control, based on our recommendations (the customer had its own resource, this approach in this case allowed to reduce the budget and direct it to strengthen advertising campaigns). Certainly, creation of a site and working out of functionality of Internet shop, adjustment and start of advertising campaigns is our work. The customer has implemented the filling of platforms with content, social networking and service orders, and adhering to our recommendations received excellent results. We always meet our clients and optimize available resources, creating additional value for the business.

Tourism project 8_tourists ➔ Instagram

Personal brand, travel and photo services – interesting synergy, creative product, novelty for the market. We have developed a list of recommendations to optimize Instagram page and its content. We carry out a full range of Instagram advertising campaigns for the client. The goal is to recruit tourists to tourist groups. To date, several groups have already returned from the trip, recruited as a result of our work. We continue to open the world to people and help them get unforgettable emotions and photos from their journey.

The list of our works can be continued further, you can read more about it in our portfolio.

Markets are labile – with SENSEO you are the first to adapt to changes

SENSEO always develop projects with flexibility of thinking, we find the right set of tools for each project, whether it is a personal website, information resource, corporate website, portfolio or product catalog.

It is necessary to note special flexibility in creation of Internet stores, our team can realize the project of the international level, having provided functionality of a platform; possibility of carrying out of different price policy in the markets of the different countries through your Internet store (up to the account of specificity of the taxation in each of the countries, a variety of ways of delivery and payment); to carry out segmentation of clients by means of the B2B portal, dividing clients into unlimited number of client groups: from retail to large wholesale with individualization of prices; flexible system. For more details about the list of functionality that we implement in our online stores, please see the SENSEO package solutions section. After creating the site – we launch a range of individually selected and effectivefor your business promotion channels. 

Apply – we are open to cooperation, ready to listen to your ideas and will be able to pleasantly surprise you with our proposals.

SENSEO – is your reliable support and your guide in the online world.